Adoption Deadlines:

Adoptions, the manner in which our staff obtains textbook information for your upcoming courses, are crucial in planning for the semester's buying needs. As a result, there are three adoption cycles for each of the three terms with their own deadlines. The deadlines are based on when registration for each semester opens to students or the lead frame that is necessary for adequate sourcing.  

Adoption deadlines by term:

  • Fall Semester 2024: July 26, 2024
  • Winter Semester 2025: November 1, 2024
  • Short Term Semester 2025: March 14, 2025

*Amended Spring 2024

For more about Adoptions and buying cycles, please continue reading below or read our Textbook buying decisions policy (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will it work if students need to purchase books on financial aid?

The Store will help students purchase materials on financial aid. We will evaluate each individual scenario to see if a physical or digital format makes more sense for a student. Conversations involving financial aid should always start with the Student Financial Services office.

Do instructors have to go with physical textbooks or can they have students purchase e-textbooks?

Typically, the Store lists the cheapest paperback option of an available book, where possible. This serves as the primary record for a course material. The full book list is then shared with our ebook vendor who returns a list of matches for materials that are available in a digital ebook format. Please let us know if you have a strong preference towards an ebook, and we will list it on the course notes for your course which appear online and in-store.

I'm going to have my students buy X directly from Y website. Does the Store need to know?

Anything you will ask the students to purchase is considered a course material and you should let the Store know, per the Faculty handbook. This allows us to offer the students a means to purchase, and allows us to research how we might help provide access if a student needs to purchase a material through financial aid.

How do you interact with the library?

Any information regarding required/recommended/optional course materials is shared with the library. This information is used to inform their reserves list. Please visit their FAQ for more information.

How to see your list of books used for each class:

Visit the Schedule of Courses. Click on the class you're interested in and look for the "Books and Materials By Section" area to find your books.  Note: you do not need to log in to the Garnet Gateway to view this information.

Alternatively, visit our textbook portal to find your class.

How to obtain desk/exam copies:

Please work with your department Academic Administrative Assistant for assistance in ordering desk or exam copies from publishers. Many publishers offer links directly on their websites to order desk or exam copies.

How to submit adoption requests online:



Use our Online Requisition Form.

(No need to do both)

    Open Educational Resources

    For more assistance:

    Please direct any textbook adoption/ordering questions to