How do I find the list of books I need for each class?

Visit the Schedule of Courses. Click on the class you're interested in and look for the "Books and Materials By Section" area to find your books.  Note: you do not need to log in to the Garnet Gateway to view this information.

Alternatively, visit our textbook portal to find your class.

Where do we buy textbooks?

Textbooks are available for sale all semester long in the text area of the College Store, located at 65 Campus Avenue.  They can also be purchased directly online.

Where do we rent textbooks?

Textbooks are available for rent during the first part of the semester in the text area of the College Store, located at 65 Campus Avenue.  They can also be rented directly online. Not all titles are available for rental. Click here for our current rental agreement.

How much will my books cost?

Prices vary from class to class. We help you save by lowering the 'list' price of some paperbacks and by providing as many used books as possible to help lower the total cost of your books. Used books are priced at a 25% savings over new books. We accept cash, check, major credit cards and financial aid. If you will be paying with financial aid, please stop into the Student Financial Services Office first.

Why should I buy from Bates College Store?

It's easy and convenient to return books when you drop a class (see our return policy for specific dates and conditions). You choose the condition of the book and it's easy to get several books at once, without delay and without paying any shipping costs. Our prices are competitive!

What if I need to return a book?

  • All returns must be accompanied by a receipt.
  • New books must be clean and unmarked, and plastic-wrapped books must be returned in their original wrap.
  • After the return period has ended, books may only be returned with a drop slip from the registrar within the specified return period or when a student has withdrawn from the College.
  • Defective books will be replaced at no charge and should be returned at once. 

        What do I do with my textbooks at the end of the semester?

        At least three times during the academic year used book wholesalers come to campus for buyback, giving students a chance to sell unwanted books. The dates for buyback are finals week of the fall semester,  finals week of the winter semester and the last week of short term in the College Store. Books which will be used by the college the following semester and the College Store has received an order from the professor, are purchased back at up to 50% of the new list price. If the book is not being used next semester, the price is set by the wholesaler based on the national demand for that title. Typically it is 10-30% of the new list price.


        Sell back your books online at

        We are hoping to host an on-campus buyback event at the end of modules C and D. Stay tuned for more information! 


        Hints for getting the most for your books at buyback:

          • We offer you the highest buyback prices when your title is being used either next semester or is confirmed to be used the next academic year. The lower tier of pricing is for titles being purchased by our buyback vendor.
          • Consider holding onto low or no-value books and bring them to the next buyback at the bookstore. When you bring your books to our buyback, you ensure the flow of used books for other students here at Bates!
          • Bates College Store is your bookstore, owned and operated by the college, providing excellent customer service to you. We work to bring fair, competitive prices to you as you purchase books for classes and sell books back at the end of the semester.


         Have any questions not answered here?

        Please email with any questions or stop in the store.