A list of books by Bates College Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Honorary Degree Recipients

Alumni, Faculty (represent current and past faculty), Honorary Degree Recipients


Alexander, Pamela ’70  

  • Commonwealth of Wings, an Ornithological Biography
    Wesleyan University Press, 1991, paperback
  • Inland University of Iowa Press, 1997, paperback
  • Navigable Waterways Yale University Press, 1985, paperback

Andrews, Helen C. ’33

  • Harry and I Christopher Publishing, 1971, hardcover

Arenstam, Peter ’85

  • Mayflower 1620: a New Look at a Pilgrim Voyage
    National Geographic Society, 2003, paperback
  • Mighty Mastiff of the Mayflower, The History Press, 2012
  • Nicholas: a Massachusetts Tale, Mitten Press, hard cover, 2007

Asgeirsdottir, Aslaug – Faculty

  • Who Gets What?: Domestic Influence on International Negotiations Allocating Shared Resources, SUNY, 2008

Baker, Emerson W. II ’80

  • Devil of Great Island:Witchcraft & Conflict in Early New England, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007
  • The New England Knight: Sir William Phips,1651-1695,
    University of Toronto Press,1998, hardcover, paperback

 Baker, Pamela J. ’70, Faculty

  • Biology Today, McGraw Hill, 1996, paperback, and Minkoff, Eli C., Faculty
  • My First Book of Sign Gallaudet University Press, 1986, hardcover

Basbanes, Nicholas A. ’65  ed. et al

  • On Paper: The Everything of Its Two-Thousand-Year History, Alfred A. Knopf, 2013
  • About the Author: Inside the Creative Process, Fine Books Press, 2010
  • A World of Letters: Yale University Press, 1908-2008, Yale University Press, 2008
  • Editions & Impressions: Twenty Years on the Book Beat,  Fine Books Press, 2007
  • The Book That Changed My Life: 71 Remarkable Writers Celebrate the Books That Matter Most to Them, Gotham, 2006
  • Every Book its Reader: The Power of the Printed Word to Stir the World, New York: HarperCollins, 2005
  • A Splendor of Letters: The Permanence of Books in an Impermanent World, HarperCollins, 2003
  • Among the Gently Mad: Perspectives and Strategies for the Book-Hunter in the 21st Century, Henry Holt & Co., 2002
  • Patience and Fortitude HarperCollins, 2001, hard cover
  • A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books Henry Holt, 1995, hardcover, paperback
  • Cross of Snow: A Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Alfred A. Knopf, 2020

Bass, Amy ’92

  • One Goal: A Coach, A Team, And The Game That Brought A Divided Town Together, Hachette Books, 2018
  • Those About Him Remained Silent: The Battle Over W.E.B. Du Bois, University of Minnesota Press, 2012
  • In The Game: Race, Identity, and Sports in the Twentieth Century, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005
  • Not The Triumph But The Struggle: 1968 Olympics and the Making of the Black Athlete, University of Minnesota Press, 2004

Bass, Ruth Haskins, ’55, P’85, P’92

  • Rose, a novel, Gadd Books, 2010, paperback
  • Sarah’s Daughter, Gadd Books, 2007, paperback

Bertocci, Angelo P. – Faculty

  • Teacher from Little Italy, Legation Press, 1990, paperback

Bouchard, Jennifer Lemkin, '99

  • First Course, Touchpoint Press, 2021, paperback

Bourque, Bruce J. – Faculty

  • Diversity and Complexity in Prehistoric Maritime Societies
    Plenum Press, 1995, hardcover

Bowditch, Christine ’81

  • Eastern State Penitentiary, Forged Images, 1998, videotape

Bradley, Drake R. – Faculty

  • Datasim, Desktop Press, 1988, spiral bound paper

Branham, Robert James – Faculty

  • Debate and Critical Analysis, Lawrence Erlbaum, 1991, hardcover
  • Lift Every Voice University of Chicago, 1997, paperback
  • Sweet Freedom’s Song, Oxford, 2002, hard cover

Brewster, E. Eldredge ’31

  • Facing This Hour, Fairway Press, paperback

Brooks, Robin B. S., et al. – Faculty

  • Student Solutions Manual for Reese’s University Physics, Volume One Brooks/Cole Publishing, 2000, paperback

Bruce, Marcus C., ’77 – Faculty

  • Henry Ossawa Tanner: a Spiritual Biography,
    Crossroad, 2002, hard cover

Buchman, Matthew ’80

  • The Dalari Accord, Goodfellow Press, 2000, hardcover

Bullock, David '97

  • What Is Up In Space, Self-published, 2019, paperback
  • 2008-2018: A NewSpace Primer, Page Publishing, Inc., 2019

Bumsted, Lee ’77

  • Hot Showers! Maine Coast Lodgings for Kayakers and Sailors Audenreed Press, 2nd edition, 2000, paperback

Carlisle, Nancy ’77

  • America’s Kitchens, Historic New England, 2008

Carnegie, Charles V. – Faculty

  • Postnationalism Prefigured: Caribbean Borderlands, Rutgers University Press, hardcover and paperback

Carter, Lawrence Edward, ed.,

  • Walking Integrity: Benjamin Elijah Mays, Mentor to Generations Scholars Press, 1996

Chiu, Christina ’91,

  • Troublemaker and Other Saints Putnam, 2001, hard cover

Chute, Robert M. – Faculty

  • Androscoggin Too Nightshade Press, 1997, paperback
  • Barely Time to Study Jesus Cider Press, 1996, spiral
  • Coming Home: A Maine Mystery, Just Write Books, 2009
  • Return to Sender, Just Write Books, 2011
  • Samuel Sewall Sails for Home Coyote Love Press, 1986, paperback
  • Sweeping the Sky Cider Press, 2000, paperback
  • Thirteen Moons, Cider Press, 2002, English/French/Passamaquoddy, paperback (letter press)
  • Uncle George Cider Press, 1990, paperback
  • Voices Great and Small Cider Press, paperback
  • When Grandmother Decides to Die Blackberry Books, 1989, paperback
  • Wildness within Walking Distance, Just Write Books, 2011

Ciardi, John ’38,

  • The Birds of Pompeii, University of Arkansas Press, 1985, paperback
  • Doodlesoup Houghton Mifflin, 1985, hardcover
  • Echoes University of Arkansas Press, 1989, paperback
  • Poems of Love and Marriage University of Arkansas Press, 1988, paperback
  • Selected Poems University of Arkansas Press, 1984, paperback

Clark, Charles E. ’51,

  • The Meetinghouse Tragedy, University Press of New England, 1998, paperback
  • Bates Through the Years: An Illustrated History, 2005, paperback

Cole, John R. – Faculty

  • The Olympian Dreams and Youthful Rebellion of Rene Descartes University of Illinois Press, 1992, hardcover
  • Pascal: the Man and His Two Loves New York University Press, 1995, hardcover

Copeland, Evelyn ’39,

  • But a Brown Bird Sang, Vantage Press, 1993, hardcover
  • Lonesome Glee: Tales from the Birding Trails Vantage, 1996, hardcover

Corlett, William – Faculty

  • Community without Unity: a Politics of Derridian ExtravaganceDuke University Press, 1993, paperback
  • Class Action: Reading Labor, Theory, and Value Cornell University Press, 1998, paperback

Corn, Wanda M. ’62

  • The Great American Thing: Modern Art and National Identity, 1915-1935, University of California Press, 1999, hardcover, paperback

Costlow, Jane T., et al, ed. – Faculty

  • Sexuality and the Body in Russian Culture, Stanford University Press, 1993, hardcover translator,
  • The Tragic Menagerie, Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal, Northwestern University Press, translation 1999, paperback
  • Worlds Within Worlds: the Novels of Ivan Turgenev Princeton University Press, 1990, hardcover

Cowan, Mary Morton ’61

  • Cyrus Field's Big Dream: The Daring Effort to Lay the First Transatlantic Telegraph Cable, Calkins Creek, 2018
  • Captain Mac: The Life of Donald Baxter Macmillan, Arctic Explorer, Calkins Creek, 2010
  • Ice Country: One Boy’s Adventure in the Arctic with Commander Donald MacMillan Cricketfield Press, 1995, hardcover, paperback
  • Timberrr … : a History of Logging in New England  Millbrook Press, 2003, hard cover

Creighton, Sarah Hammond ’84,

  • Degrees That Matter: Climate Change and the University, with Ann Rappaport, MIT Press, 2007, paperback
  • Greening the Ivory Tower: Improving the Environmental Track Record of Universities, Colleges, and Other Institutions MIT Press, 1998, paperback

Creighton, Margaret S. – Faculty

  • Iron Men, Wooden Women: Gender and Seafaring
    in the Atlantic World, 1700-1920 Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996, paperback
  • Rites and Passages: the Experience of American Whaling, 1830-1870 Cambridge University Press, 1995, paperback

Cummiskey, David – Faculty

  • Kantian Consequentialism, Oxford University Press, 1996, hardcover

Cureton, Jeanette S. ’67 and Arthur Levine

  • When Hope and Fear Collide: a Portrait of Today’s Student, Jossey-Bass, 1998, hardcover

Danforth, Loring M. – Faculty

  • Children of the Greek Civil War: Refugees and the Politics of Memory, written with Riki Van Boeschoten, University of Chicago Press, paperback, 2012
  • The Macedonian Conflict: Ethnic Nationalism in a Transitional World Princeton University Press, 1995, hardcover, paperback
  • Firewalking and Religious Healing Princeton University Press, 1989, paperback
  • The Death Rituals of Rural Greece Princeton University Press, 1982, paperback

Dauge-Roth, Alexandre – Faculty

  • Writing and Filming the Genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda, Lexington Books, 2010, hardcover

Decker, Craig ’78 – Faculty

  • Balancing Acts: Textual Strategies of Peter Henisch Ariadne Press, 2002, paperback
  • Austrian Identities: Twentieth Century Short Fiction, Ariadne Press, 2004, paperback

Deevey, Brian ’65 and Barbara A. Haley

  • American Health Care in Transition: A Guide to the Literature Greenwood Publishing, 1997, hardcover

Diehl, Michael W. ’85 

  • Hierarchies in Action: Cui Bono, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Center for Archaeological Investigations, No. 27., July 2000.
  • Early Pithouse Villages of the Mimbres Valley and Beyond: The McAnally and Thompson Sites in Their Cultural and Ecological Contexts (Papers of the Peabody Museum) (v. 83), December 2004.


  • Dinger Barking Frog Records, music CD, $10.00 everytime music CD

Dodd, Anne Wescott – Faculty

  • Beachcombing and Beachcrafting Wescott Cove, 1989, paperback
  • Making Our High Schools Better: How Parents and Teachers Can Work Together St. Martin’s Press, 1999, hardcover, paperback
  • A Parent’s Guide to Innovative Education Noble Press, 1992, paperback
  • The Story of the Sea Glass Down East, 1999, hard cover

Donalson, Melvin ’73,

  • Cornerstones: an Anthology of African-American Literature St. Martins Press, 1996, paperback
  • Black Directors in Hollywood University of Texas Press, 2003

Drury, George, H. ’61,

  • The Historical Guide to North American Railroads Kalmbach Books, 1985, paperback
  • The Railfan Guide to Austria Kalmbach Books, 1998, paperback
  • The Railfan Guide to Britain and Ireland Kalmbach Books, 1999, paperback
  • The Railfan Guide to Germany Kalmbach Books, 2001, paperback
  • The Railfan Guide to Switzerland Kalmbach Books, 1998, paperback
  • The Reluctant Railfan’s Introduction to Europe Kalmbach Books, 1998

Duina, Francesco G. – Faculty

  • Harmonizing Europe: Nation States within the Common Market, State University of New York, paperback, 1999
  • Social Construction of Free Trade, Princeton University Press, 2006, paperback
  • Winning: Reflections on an American Obsession, Princeton, 2011, hardcover

Dykstra, David ’68

  •  The Shifting Balance of Power: American-British Diplomacy in North America, 1842-1848, University Press of America, 1999, hardcover

Edwards, Lee, contributor

  • The Circle Continues, Innisfree Press, 2001, paperback

Ellinport, Jeffrey M. '89

  • Collecting Original Comic Strip Art Antique Trader Books, 1999, paperback
  • Tools of the Trade: Practical Legal Writing for the 21st Century Austin & Winfield, 1997, paperback, $29.95, hardcover

Emerson, Kathy Lynn '69

  • Julia's Mending Orchard Books, 1987, hardcover
  • Face Down Beneath the Eleanor Cross Kensington Books, 2000, paperback
  • Face Down in the Marrow-Bone Pie St. Martin's Press, 1997, hardcover
  • Face Down Under the Wych Elm Kensington Books, 2000, paperback
  • Face Down Upon an Herbal St. Martin's Press, 1998, hardcover
  • Face Down Among the Winchester Geese St. Martin's Press, 1999, hardcover

Erelli, Mark '96

  • Long Way from Heaven, S.O.L. Records, 1997, music CD

Ervin, Jamison B. '87

  • Certification of Forest Products, Island Press, 1996, paperback

Fairfield, Roy P. '43

  • Amanda's Cove, Bastille Books, 1989, paperback
  • Angles of Vision Bastille Books, 1993, paperback
  • Condo Carousel Bastille Books, 1998, paperback
  • Doing It Over Bastille Books, 1996, paperback
  • Get Inspired! Prometheus Books, 2001, paperback
  • Of Lobstering and Love Bastille Books, 1990, paperback
  • Seaside Fables & Other Incites Bastille Books, 1994, paperback

Faries, Nathan - Faculty

  • The "Inscrutably Chinese" Church: How Narratives and Nationalism Continue to Divide Christianity, Lexington Books, 2010

Farnsworth, Robert - Faculty

  • Honest Water, Wesleyan University Press, 1989, paperback
  • Rumored Islands, Harbor Mountain Press, 2010, paperback

Franklin, John Hope

  • The Color Line: Legacy for the Twenty-First Century University of Missouri Press, 1993, hardcover

Fifield, Adam '94

  • A Blessing Over Ashes: the Remarkable Odyssey of My Unlikely Brother William Morrow, 2000, hardcover

Freedman, Sanford, and Taylor, Carole Anne - Faculty

  • Roland Barthes: A Bibliographical Reader's Guide Garland, 1983, hardcover

Gaffney, Carol Renaud '67

  • Dr. Gaffney's Coaching Guide for Better Parents and Stronger KidsBook Partners, 1997, paperback
  • Take a Deep Breath ... Relax Mind/Body Center, 1994, cassette tape and booklet

Genova, Lisa '92

  • Loving Anthony, 2012
  • Left Neglected, 2011, Gallery Books, paperback
  • Still Alice, 2007, Gallery Books, paperback

Glazer, Frank - Faculty

  • A Philosophy of Artistic Performance, XPress Literary Publishing, 2012

Goddard, Stephen '63

  • Colonel Albert Pope and His American Dream Machines McFarland Press, hard cover
  • Getting There: The Epic Struggle Between Road and Rail in the American Century University of Chicago Press, 1996, paperback

Gomes, Peter J. '65

  • The Good Book, Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart William Morrow, 1996, hardcover,  paperback
  • The Good Life: Truths that Last in Times of Need Harper San Francisco, 2002, hard cover, paperback
  • Sermons: Biblical Wisdom for Daily Living William Morrow, hardcover
  • Strength for the Journey Harper San Francisco, 2003, hard cover
  • Sundays at Harvard Harvard Memorial Church, 1995, hardcover
  • More Sundays at Harvard Harvard Memorial Church, 1996, hardcover
  • Yet More Sundays at Harvard Harvard Memorial Church, 1997, hardcover

Linda Gramatky-Smith '64 and Hardie Gramatky

  • Little Toot and the Lighthouse, Grosset and Dunlap, 1999, paperback

Graumann, Don '92

  • Strategic Pause: Stop. Think. Lead., Strategic Pause, 2020

Grosvenor, Charles '74

  • An Iconography: the Portraits of T.E. Lawrence, Otterden Press, 1988, hardcover

Haas, Gerda '71

  • These I Do Remember, Fragments from the Holocaust Cumberland Press, 1982, hardcover
  • Tracking the Holocaust Runestone Press/Lerner, 1995, hardcover

Hall, Joseph M., Jr. - Faculty

  • Zamumo's Gifts: Indian-European Exchange in the Colonial Southeast, Univ. of    Pennsylvania Press, 2009, hardcover

Hansen, Elaine Tuttle - Faculty

  • Mother without Child, University of California Press, 1997, paperback

Harris, Corey '91

  • Between Midnight and Day Alligator Records, 1995, music CD
  • Fish Ain't Biting Alligator Records, 1997, music CD
  • Greens from the Garden Alligator Records, 1999, music CD

Hartley, Marsden

  • Eight Poems and One Essay, Bates College, 1976, hardcover

Hendrickson, Carol '71

  • Weaving Identities: Construction of Dress and Self in a Highland Guatemala Town University of Texas, 1995, paperback

Hillman, Richard S. '65

  • Finding Rafael, Brighton Publishing LLC, 2018
  • Tropical Liason, Brighton Publishing LLC, 2015
  • Understanding the Contemporary Caribbean (editor)Lynne Rienner, 2009

Hillman, Tim '80, and Craig Thorn IV, editors,

  • Second Home: Life in a Boarding School Avocus, 1996, paperback

Hinshaw, John H., et al

  • The ABC-CLIO World History Companion to the Industrial Revolution ABC-CLIO, 1996, hardcover

Hobbs, Elizabeth Thomes '51

  • A Craving for the Goatman, Goose River Press, 2003, paperback
  • Poems From the Lake Goose River Press, 2001, paperback
  • Poems From the Lake, Expanded Version Goose River Press, 2002, paperback
  • Poems From the Lake, Expanded Version with CD Goose River Press, 2002, paperback
  • Poems From the Lake, Expanded Version, CD alone Goose River Press, 2002, CD

Hochstadt, Steve - Faculty

  • Mobility and Modernity: Migration in Germany 1820-1989 University of Michigan Press, 1999, hard cover

Douglas I. Hodgkin - Faculty

  • Frontier to Industrial City: Lewiston Town Politics, 1768-1863 Just Write Press, 2008, paperback
  • The Lewiston and Auburn Railroad Company, 1872-2009, 2010, paperback
  • When Presidents and Hopefuls Came to Town, 2012, paperback

Hollyday, Joyce '76

  • Clothed With the Sun: Biblical Women, Social Justice, and UsWestminster John Knox Press, 1994, paperback
  • Then Shall Your Light Rise: Spiritual Formation and Social Witness Upper Room Books, 1997, paperback
Isaacson, Irving '36
  • Memoirs of an Amateur Spy, Stones Point Press, 2001, hard cover

Isaacson, Judith Magyar '65 - Faculty

  • Seed of Sarah, University of Illinois Press, 1990, paperback

Isaacson, Philip M. '47

  • A Short Walk Around the Pyramids and Through the World of Art Knopf, 1993, hardcover

Johann, Patricia, et al. - Faculty

  • Deduction Systems, Springer Verlag, 1996

Jones, Carrie '93

  • After Obsession, 2012
  • Endure, 2012
  • Destined, 2012
  • Sarah Emma Edmonds Was a Great Pretender, 2011
  • Embers, 2011
  • Entice, 2010
  • Captivate, 2010
  • Need, 2009
  • Love (and Other Uses for Duct Tape), 2008

Jones, Michael E. - Faculty

  • The End of Roman Britain, Cornell University Press, 1996, hardcover

Josselyn-Cranson, Heather '95

  • The Reason Why We Sing, OSL Publications, 2016

Katz, Buffy '89

  • The Best of Buffy's Bakery: Treats from the Heart Elm Knoll Press, 1994, spiral bound

Kemper, Steven - Faculty

  • The Presence of the Past: Chronicles, Politics, and Culture in Sinhala Life Cornell University Press, 1991, hardcover

Kenseth, Arnold '37

  • Fiddlers' Green Windover Press, 1999
  • The Ritual Year: Christmas, Winter, and Other SeasonsAmherst Writers and Artists Press, 1993, paperback

Kessler, Mark, et al - Faculty

  • The Play of Power: An Introduction to American Government St. Martin's Press, 1996, paperback

King, T. J. '58

  • The Great Matrimonial Debate, Xlibris, 2000, paperback

Klein, Jonas '54

  • Beloved Island: Franklin and Eleanor and the Legacy of Campobello Paul Ericksson, 2000

Kolb, David - Faculty

  • The Critique of Pure Modernity: Hegel, Heidegger, and After University of Chicago Press, 1986, paperback
  • Postmodern Sophistications: Philosophy, Architecture, and Tradition University of Chicago Press, 1990

Kolstad, Charles D.

  • Intermediate Environmental Economics [International version of Environmental Economics, 2nd Ed]Oxford University Press, 2011
  • Environmental Economics, 2nd Ed. Oxford University Press, 2010 - 3rd edition expected 2019
  • Human-Induced Climate Change, Cambridge University Press, edited with M. Schlesinger, et al., 2007
  • Moving to Markets in Environmental Regulation: Lessons from Thirty Years of Experience, Oxford University Press, 2007, edited with Jody Freeman.
  • Spatial Environmental and Resource Economics Edward Elgar, 2000
  • Measuring the Demand for Environmental Quality North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1991, edited with John Braden

Kozikowski, Todd '96

  • Shadows of the Moon,Turner Pond, 1997, music CD, cassette tape

Kunreuther, Howard '59 and Richard Roth

  • Paying the Price: the Status and Role of Insurance Against Natural Disasters in the United States National Academy Press, 1998, hardcover

Kuritz, Paul - Faculty

  • The Making of Theatre History, Prentice Hall, 1988, hardcover

Lawless, Gary - Faculty

  • Caribouddhism, Blackberry Books, 1998, paperback

Leamon, James S. '55 - Faculty

  • Military Art of J. Thomas Leamon, Damen Digital, 2013
  • The Reverend Jacob Bailey Maine Loyalist, University of Massachusetts Press,    paperback, 2012
  • Maine in the Early Republic, University Press of New England, 1988, paperback
  • Revolution Downeast: the War for American Independence in Maine University of Massachusetts Press, 1993, paperback

Lentz, David B. '72

  • Bourbon Street: the Dreams of Aeneas in Dixie XLibris, 2002, paperback
  • The Day Trader Xlibris, 2000, paperback
  • The Silver King Buybooksontheweb.com, 1999, paperback

Lopez, Francisca - Faculty

  • Mito Y Discurso En La Novela Femenina de Posguerra en Espana Editorial Pliegos, 1995, paperback

Lovett, Susan '81

  • Proof or Consequences! A Humorous Look at Typos, Misspellings, Wrong Words, and Misplaced Punctuation. SML Proofreading, 2021.

Lukach, Justin '94

  • Pickup Trucks: a History of the Great American Vehicle Black Dog and Leventhal Pub., 1998, hardcover

MacLeod, Arlene Elowe - Faculty

  • Accommodating Protest: Working Women, the New Veiling, and Change in Cairo Columbia University Press, 1991, hardcover

Marcus, Jon '82

  • Boston: a CityLife Pictorial Guide, Voyageur Press, 1998

Maurer-Fazio, Margaret (Faculty) and Cook, Sarah, editors

  • The Workers' State Meets the Market: Labour in China's Transition Frank Cass, 1999, paperback

Mays, Benjamin E. '20

  • Born to Rebel, University of Georgia Press, 1971

McKinney, Gordon '65

  • Southern Mountain Republicans, 1865-1900: Politics and the Appalachian Community, University of Tennessee Press, 1978, paperback
  • and with Inscoe, John C., The Heart of Confederate Appalachia: Western North Carolina in the Civil War, University of North Carolina Press, 2000, hardcover

Miller, Eben '96

  • Born Along the Color Line: The 1933 Amenia Conference and the Rise of the Civil Rights Movement, Oxford university Press, 2012, hardcover

Minkoff, Eli C., and Baker, Pamela J. - Faculty

  • Biology Today, McGraw Hill, 1996, paperback
  • Evolutionary Biology Addison-Wesley, 1983, hardcover

Monahan, Jean '81

  • Hands, Anhinga Press, 1992, paperback
  • Believe It or Not Orchises Press, 1999, paperback

Monfort, Marcel '77

  • The Last Testament Minerva Press, 1999 (please contact us regarding the price of this UK          publication)

Nayder, Lillian - Faculty

  • The Other Dickens: A Life of Catherine Hogarth, Cornell University Press, 2011, hardcover
  • Wilkie Collins, Twayne, 1997, hardcover

Neville, Tam Lin '66

  • Journey Cake University of Missouri, 1998, paperback

Okrent, Mark - Faculty

  • Heidegger's Pragmatism: Understanding, Being, and the Critique of Metaphysics Cornell University Press, 1988, paperback

Olsen, Jon D. '64

  • Liberate Hawai'i!, Goose River Press, 2014

Parakilas, James, ed. - Faculty

  • The Story of Opera, W.W. Norton, paperback, 2013
  • The Nineteenth-Century Piano Ballade, A-R Editions, 1990, paperback
  • Piano Roles: Three Hundred Years of Life with the Piano Yale University Press, 1999, hardcover, paperback

Perry, Bruce '83

  • Malcolm: The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America Station Hill, 1991, paperback

Prentiss, Craig '88

  • Staging Faith: Religion and African American Theater from the Harlem Renaissance to World War II, NYU Press, 2014
  • Debating God's Economy: Social Justice in America on the Eve of Vatican II, Penn State University Press, 2008
  • Religion and the Creation of Race and Ethnicity: An Introduction, NYU Press, 2003

Radebaugh, John '48

  • House Calls with John Peter E. Randall Publisher, 2006, paperback

Radis, Chuck '76

  • Go By Boat - upcoming 2019

Rand, Erica - Faculty

  • Barbie's Queer Accessories, Duke University Press, 1995, paperback
  • Ellis Island Snow Globe, Duke University Press, 2005
  • Red Nails, Black Skates, Duke University Press, 2012

Read, Kirk D. - Faculty

  • Birthing Bodies in Early Modern France, Ashgate, 2011

Reese, George '91

  • Database Programming with JDBC and JAVA O'Reilly, 1997, paperback

Reynolds, Grant '57

  • Horseman, Shires Press, 2010, paperback

Richter, James G. - Faculty

  • Khrushchev's Double Bind, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994, hardcover

Robinson, Benjamin '86

  • Financial Privacy and Electronic Commerce: Who's in my business?, Writers Club Press, 2000

Rose, Louis J. '54 and Malone, Roy

  • Make the Jerk Pay: Tracking Down a Deadbeat Dad and Getting Child Support Albion Press, 1999

Selling, Will '93

  • Devil Dogs and Banana Slugs: Cultural Battles Between the University and the Military, Outskirts Press, 2010, paperback

Semon, Mark D., et al. - Faculty

  • Student Solutions Manual for Reese's University Physics, Volume One Brooks/Cole Publishing, 2000, paperback

Shankar, Lavina Dhingra, et al., editors - Faculty

  • A Part, Yet Apart, Temple University Press, 1998, paperback

Sherblom, John '72 and Liz Sherblom

  • Much More Than Sexuality: Listening to 70 Gay People Talk About Their Lives Audenreed Press, 1996, paperback

Sherwonit, Bill '71

  • Alaska's Kenai Peninsula: a Traveler's Guide, Alaska Northwest Books, 2001, ppr.

Smith, Linda Gramatky '64

  • Timeless Truths, Priceless Promises, Littlebrook, 1981, hardcover

Smith, Valerie '75

  • Not Just Race, Not Just Gender: Black Feminist Readings, Routledge, 1998, ppr.
  • Representing Blackness: Issues in Film and Video Rutgers University Press, 1997, paperback

Stone, Howard '69

  • 25 Bicycle Tours in Maine: Coastal and Inland Rides from Kittery to Caribou Backcountry Publications, 1998, paperback

Stringfellow, William '49

  • A Keeper of the Word, Wm. Eerdmans, 1994, paperback
  • A Simplicity of Faith: My Experience in Mourning Abingdon, 1982, hardcover

Strong, John S. - Faculty

  • The Legend of King Asoka: A Study and Translation of the Asokavadana Princeton University Press, 1983, hardcover
  • The Buddha: a Short Biography One World Publications, 2001, paperback

Strong, Sarah M., translator (Faculty) and Kenjii Miyazawa

  • Ainu Spirits Singing, University of Hawaii Press, 2011, hardcover
  • Night of the Milky Way Railway M.E. Sharpe, 1991, hardcover

Strout, Elizabeth '77

  • Burgess Boys, Random House, 2013, hardcover
  • Olive Kitteridge, Random House, 2008, hardcover, paperback
  • Abide With Me, Random House,
  • Amy and Isabelle, Random House, 1998, hardcover, paperback

Sylvester, Sawyer F., translator (Faculty), Adolphe Quetelet

  • Research on the Propensity for Crime at Different Ages Anderson, 1984, hardcover

Tagliabue, John - Faculty

  • The Buddha Uproar Kayak Books, 1968, paperback
  • The Great Day: Poems, 1962-1983 Alembic Press, 1984, paperback
  • New and Selected Poems: 1942-1997 National Poetry Foundation, 1998

Tavares, Matt, '97

  • Oliver's Game, Candlewick Press, 2004, paperback
  • Zachary's Ball, Candlewick Press, 2000, paperback

Taylor, Carole Anne - Faculty

  • The Tragedy and Comedy of Resistance: Reading Modernity Through Black Women's Fiction, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999, hardcover

Taylor, Carole Anne, and Freedman, Sanford - Faculty

  • Roland Barthes: A Bibliographical Reader's Guide Garland, 1983, hardcover

Tucker, William H. '67

  • The Science and Politics of Racial Research University of Illinois, 1994, paperback

Tulis, Jeffrey K. '72

  • Legacies of Losing in American Politics University of Chicago Press, 2018
  • The Rhetorical Presidency Princeton University Press, 2017
  • The Presidency in the Constitutional Order: An Historical Examination Routledge, 2017
  • The Limits of Constitutional Democracy Princeton University Press, 2010
  • The Constitutional Presidency, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010.  Paperback

Turell, David '50

  • Government by Political Spin Huntington House, 2000, paperback

Turner, Ann '67

  • Elfsong, Harcourt Brace, 1995, hardcover
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