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Written by William H. Hyland

About Bayside

Twenty-one year old Billy Bakeman has well-calculated plans to spend his final summer of college back home in Maine interning at his uncle's law firm. However, he soon finds himself on the precipice of a criminal investigation that will test the small-town loyalties and reputations he spent his whole adolescence believing were ironclad. The easy solution would be to let law enforcement handle the case, but Billy believes the best way to the truth is to use resources at his own disposal, even if it means taking personal risks and busting glamorous myths about the place he calls home and the people he trusts.

Set against the backdrop of Maine’s whimsical coast, Hyland’s coming-of-age mystery charts the ambition of its characters with the machinations of their knotty friendships. Using witty humor, poise, and grit, the protagonist and his misfit band of investigators bring Yankee ingenuity to this charming region’s disturbing inquisition.

Praise for Bayside

“Told in an authentic voice with a wry sense of humor, Bayside is an inspired tale of dynamic Midcoast Maine. Back from college for the summer, William Bakeman finds that his hometown isn’t quite as he remembers it. As Bakeman navigates the currents swirling around him, Bayside will sweep you up and reveal the secrets lurking beneath the surface in even the most picturesque of seaside communities.”
– Albert Waitt, author of Flood Tide and The Ruins of Woodman’s Village


ISBN: 9798323687442

216 Pages, black and white, paperback

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