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YEAR:  1999

ARTISTS:  Various Artists; ex. Alice Steinhardt, Anne Lofquist, Alan Bray, Charles Hewitt, Alex Katz, Christopher Huntington, William Thomson, Frances Hodson, Wini Long, Crystal Nicholas, Peter Rolfe, Lois Dodd, Jill Hoy, Joel Babb

AUTHORS:  Joanna D. and Henry L. McCorkle

DESIGNER:  Ann Parks

PUBLISHER:  Bates College Museum of Art Lewiston, Maine

DETAILS:  Softcover, 40 pages, [11 x 8 ½ in dimensions], [40 color images]

EXHIBITION:  Carried Away: The Joy of Collecting Art in Maine

DATES:  June 11- August 8, 1999


Exhibition catalogue includes introduction by Genetta McLean, essay by Joanna and Henry McCorkle, and exhibition checklist.

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