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Lesley Dill is an American artist working at the intersection of language and fine art, combining printmaking, sculpture, installation, and performance to explore the power of words in revealing the souls of important historical personas. Lesley Dill, Wilderness features a uniquely inspired group of sculptures and two-dimensional works more than a decade in the making. It is a testament to Dill’s ongoing investigation into the significant voices and personas of America’s past, such as Mother Ann Lee, John Brown, the Sauk war leader Mà-ka-tai-me-she-kià-kiàk (Black Hawk), Walt Whitman, Sojourner Truth, and others. For the artist, the American voice grew from early America’s obsessions with divinity and deviltry, on fears of the wilderness out there and the wilderness inside each of us, and the struggles between.

The plates, in color throughout, are supplemented with essays by Lesley Dill, Brooklyn-based writer Nancy Princenthal, Figge Art Museum’s curator Andrew Wallace, and researcher and tribal historian Juaquin Hamilton-YoungBird. The book also features poems by writer and poet Tom Sleigh and the renowned Meskwaki author and poet Ray Young Bear.

AuthorsLesley Dill, Nancy Princenthal, Andrew Wallace, Juaquin Hamilton-YoungBird, Tom Sleigh and Ray Young Bear

Hardcover, 112 pages, 97 color illustrations 24 x 28 cm (9 3/8 x 11 in)

Published by Scheidegger & Speiss, Zurich


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