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Some say the bucket hat is back. We say it never left. This Refried Apparel handcrafted unisex bucket hat is as unique as it is sustainable. Made from overstock goods, each bucket hat is repurposed from surplus material. Super comfortable and convenient, roll it up and put it in your pocket or pack it for wherever life takes you. With this conversation starter, you can express your passion for eco-friendly Bates fashion with in distinct upcycled style. And with no two alike, Your Refried Bates bucket hat is as individual as you!

The item pictured here is as unique and individual as you. All Refried products are handcrafted producing a one-of-a-kind appeal with no two items exactly alike. The item you receive will vary from the example shown here.

Product Description:

  • Easy to fold to place in bag or pocket
  • Cotton canvas lined inner shell
  • Mixed materials outer shell
  • Upcycled from unsold inventory
  • Machine washable
  • Handcrafted in the USA

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